Thursday, June 11


I think my biggest problem maintaining a blog and actually posting on regular basis is that I feel the need to entertain everyone (who am I kidding?) that reads this; unfortunately, my life just isn't that interesting so I end up in some weird limbo-- wanting to write but not because I just know it will suck.
In the time that I have been absent my life has consisted of:
  • Fighting with the bank about my overdrawn account not once, not twice, but three times in a span of a week. The kicker? The final banker who misinformed us has yet to call me back to explain why exactly he told us incorrect information without ever actually correcting the issue. Several messages that have been escalating with each call and still, not even a courtesy return message of "Oh, yeah, I fucked up. But my boss won't let me fix the fuck up... so you're screwed. Sorry, and thanks for calling Bells Dargo!"
  • A brief relapse into alcoholism for Russ, the subsequent struggle of "I'm stubborn and will do what I want even though it's killing our relationship," one and a half weeks of too many tears, and finally the four days of hellish withdrawal symptoms. Again. For the second time since April. Repeat after me: I love him, I love him, I love him.
  • A terrifying bout with the supernatural that involved taking our Husky up to my parents house at 5:30 in the morning and four days of doing anything but being inside this farking apartment.
  • A new puppy! Then two new puppies! Then one again, thank Baby Jesus. Insert a long rant about ohmygod this thing never sleeps, why are you pooping on the floor again?, bite me again you little shit and you're getting some frequent flyer miles, and the most common ohmygoshlookhowsquishyandfluffyandsweetmustpetandholdandcoo!
  • An impromptu five day mini vacation from work.
  • Finding the house of our dreams, only to discover that because the economy sucks the landlords will be unable to work with us on the deposit, thus requiring that in order to move into said house they will need $2000.
  • Ask everyone we know and then some if there was anyway any of them could loan us $2000, or at least part of it. We would, of course, pay them back mightily with interest.
  • Discovering that holy crap the economy really does suck, everyone is in the same position as us.
  • Hate everyone and everything that told me, "Well if it's meant to happen it will somehow." But! I want my house! Sniiiiiiiiiiiff.
  • Come to terms with the fact that I'm probably not going to get the house after all. Double sniff.
  • And as recently as last night: watching the neighbors kids for the night and subsequently trying to maintain order in a tiny little apartment with four kids, three dogs/puppies, and two adults.

On that note, I think it's time to go. Little Man is awake, wandering and demanding marshmallows for breakfast. (Ignore the mess or the puppy gets it.)

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